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Navigating The Dating Scene - A Nightmare!

In a world dominated by online dating apps and speed dating events, meeting someone face to face in a relaxed and pressure-free environment feels almost impossible.

When I divorced in my mid-forties and began dating again, I was faced with the daunting task of finding someone online, which felt like trying to find a needle in haystack. First there was the decision of which app, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and the list goes on. Then there was the endless swiping, the curated profiles, ghosting, and the brief and impersonal chats, which seemed to reduce me to mere statistics –height, income , body size - as if these factors were the sole indicators of compatibility. It all seemed so far removed from what forming a real connection was about for me.

Rather than being fun and exciting, the online dating scene was exhausting and, more often than not, disheartening!! Shallow judgments, superficial interactions and the relentless cycle of disappointment, made every swipe feel like a step further away from genuine connection. It was like navigating a maze with no exit in sight. As I conversed with other single men, I realised they shared the same sentiment. It prompted me to question: Why subject ourselves to this torment and perpetual rejection? This contemplation led me to take matters into my own hands.

The Spark For Intune Events

Drawing upon my fond memories of attending parties in my 20s, where connections were forged and fun was had in a relaxed and pressure-free environment, I realised the value of recreating such an atmosphere for singles 45+ to meet and connect. There is something uniquely fulfilling about meeting someone in person, where the nuances of conversation and body language tell a richer story than any profile picture ever could. Eye contact, a genuine smile, the shared laughter over a common joke – these are the moments that build the foundation for a real connection. Determined to provide an alternative to the superficiality of modern dating, Intune Events began!

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